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Investing in North Carolina Mountain Real Estate

North Carolina Mountain lands have historically been a very solid real estate investment. With over 70% of Transylvania County owned by the government and permanently protected as parkland and national forests, the amount of available land for residential development, especially with long range views, is quite limited. Sylvan Heights offers some of the best views in the county, and with its close proximity to Brevard, few developments will be able to compete. Even in the current real estate slump, after appreciating steadily for years, mountain lots in Transylvania Count NC have held their value. And with the aging of the baby boom generation, and the continuing creation of households in North America, the future of Transylvania County Looks bright.

Transylvania County NC has also benefited from steady, quality residential development, not the boom and bust cycles seen in other areas. Sylvan Heights offers the value attributes of close proximity to Brevard, great Blue Ridge Mountain views, and large lots, all marker of a prime NC mountain real estate investment.